Who We Are

The Foundation of Kenya Lift Company

Kenya Lift Company Ltd is dedicated to the sales, installation and maintenance of Elevators/Lifts and Escalators. Starting off as a maintenance company in 1980, it soon after became the sole agents for HAUSHAHN lifts (Stuttgart, Germany). Selling and Installing over 250 Units in East Africa.

In 1993, the HAUSHAHN Company closed down. Kenya Lift turned to other suppliers, FIAM (Italy) and LM LIFT MATERIAL (Munich, Germany). Since 2007 Kenya Lift Co. Ltd is the agent for HAUSLIFT (Germany/Egypt) selling over 150 units to date.

How We Work

The Secret to Our Success

The Company currently has 20 employees.

We offer our strong capability, solid experience and the know how to cover a wide range of lift applications starting from small lifts (Dumb waiter for handling food, books, etc.) up to a very sophisticated hi-tech express elevators up to 4 m/sec speed and up to 10 tons duty load freight, traction or hydraulic lifts.

Each one of these kinds has priorities in its performance, according to its demands and tasks in order to achieve perfection of performance for each required function.

Design is not just what it looks like and feels like. Design is how it works.
Steve Jobs (Apple Inc)

Management Team


Werner Seeger (Senior)

Founding Director

He is the founder of the Company, has over 46 years of experience in the trade. he has worked with OTIS and SCHINDLER in the past (Germany, South Africa, East Africa, Mexico, Venezuela etc.) before starting this enterprise.

Arnim Werner Seeger (Junior)

Technical Director

He has been a technical co-ordinator on and off for several years with the Company. Has 27 years experience and worked with KONE and THYSSENKRUPP in the past.