A heavy-duty service elevator is intended primarily for:

  • commercial buildings
  • malls, hotel
  • public transportation and airport facilities

Whether you are seeking luxury for hotels or care and comfort for hospitals,
we have what you need ! We will offer you a smooth and a rapid ride all the way.

We offer a wide range of residential lift options so that our client can choose the most convenient solution within his budget. We provide you with safe and comfortable motion.

The Strong and Rigorous construction of the Freight Elevators provide the strength and reliability needed. Heavy duty automatic car and landing doors, especially designed to endure great loads for freight lifts. A freight elevator, or goods lift, is an elevator designed to carry goods, rather than passengers.

There are two primary sources of power for freight elevators, hydraulic or electric power. The latter is more popular

We have a production line for the most prestigious panoramic lifts.
Each cabin is considered a work of art, designed and finished to meet and fit in each individual project.

The Dumb-waiters serve for lifting up goods in restaurants, hotels, hospitals, libraries, banks and private houses. The service level is being chosen and decided according to its function .